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Inspirational faith tokens of belief

We supply inspirational tokens of faith and good fortune, as well as blessing rings  

. .  to encourage people to be positive and inspired and to make wonderful presents to gift people as a reminder of their purpose and desires as they pass their day

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Many years ago, people put their belief in things relating to Nature . .  for example: that the trees were a connection between the Earth and Heaven; or that the water coming from Mother Earth was the pure source of Life.

Pagan belief in La vieja House in Almeria Spain Token of faith of Camino  

Indeed, some water wells were found to have curative properties (possibly due to minerals and other elements), which led to ‘wishing wells’ - where people could wish or pray for help, according to their beliefs (or at Lourdes, in France, for example, where a young local girl, Bernadette, believed that she saw visions of the Virgin Mary who told her that the water had special properties). Even today, people around the world have many different beliefs.

Faith_-_believe  Horseshoe_Carnelian     

Badges of faith and inspiration are worn by many different people, for many different reasons, around the world.

Whatever these beliefs, we at have small tokens and blessing rings to commemorate them. 

"Inspire your friends to achieve their dreams . . "  

Our inspirational good luck Tokens of Faith / belief are simple tokens and blessing rings to remind someone of their purpose and wishes - to remind them of their beliefs (whatever they are) as they go about their daily business. 

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Faith / Inspirational Tokens for Women for special inspiration

*  Gifts of Faith Token for a Christening present 

Gifts of Faith for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and other Christian festivals 

*  Inspirational faith tokens to wish Good Luck at the Hospital or with an Operation 

*  Lucky pewter ring for a New Start  or a lucky bangle 


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We supply inspirational gifts to the world! We believe in the power of positive thinking. Here are some of the tokens and blessing rings that you can find attached to our products (eg: jewellery) in our online shop:  


Believe  Luck_in_braille   Cross   Luck_pebble  

Prayer_in_Pocket   Princess_copy  Thank_you   Courage_7748 

Dream_7747   Hope_token_7744  Love_7746   Carpe_Diem




Let us help you pass on your best wishes to your friends with these individual tokens / blessing rings for sale individually (or on a necklace) in our shop:  

Faith_-_believe_token   Guardian_Angel_watch_over_u   Herradura_de_la_suerte  New_Begining   

Reach_for_the_stars   Teacher_blessing   Love_ring   Baby_blessing  

Luck_blessing   Friendship_blessing   Travel_blessing   Cross_of_Grace 

Graduation_blessing   Thinking_of_you   Baby_blessing   Thinking_of_you_necklace  

Tokens of Belief in our SHOP

Use the SEARCH link below to see some of the TOKENS OF BELIEF in our shop:  


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