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Mojacar souvenir - club fiesta Indalo luck necklace

Lucky Mojacar souvenir and party gifts . .

. . like our small Indalo charm necklaces for big memories - a gift from Spain and a souvenir of a great time partying anywhere!


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Our initial club fiesta party pendant Indalo was developed as a souvenir of great times enjoyed in the clubs of Mojacar, in southern Spain. But it can be used as a souvenir of a great time partying . . anywhere! And, because it is a little lucky charm - the Indalo can be gifted as a good luck present . . a charm necklace to bring your friend good luck. But we also have other lucky Indalo charms necklaces and pendants, as well as all sorts of other souvenirs of Mojácar, Almeía, Spain featuring the Indalo.

But why Mojácar? What is it about Mojácar? Is it really a party town?

By day, Mojacár is a quiet Andalucian village on the Mediterranean coast in the south east corner of Spain, with narrow cobbled streets and a beachside resort that stretches for some 17 miles with beautiful sand and warm waters.

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But at night . . it is rapidly becoming a great party place in Spain. And especially to celebrate stage dos and hen parties: Despedida de soltero (stag party) or una despedida de soltera (hen party)

Club_scene_spain  Mojacar_a_noche    

Did you have a great time at a disco party or nightclub - perhaps a stag night or hen party, or an end of term exams or college fiesta?

Particularly in the summer months of June, July August and September, Mojacar's bars and discos on the edge of the Mediterranean are humming with activity. Many don't open their doors until 10 or 11 at night and then party through until 6 or 7 in the morning. Not quite like Ibiza, yet - but Mojácar is definitely changing . . with bars like Maui, Mandala, and Moma leading the way. Many of the big hotels too organise stag do's and hen nights - which is making Mojacar something of a party town - particularly for the Spanish youth who will travel miles to have a good time.   

Our Indalo charms are a celebration of all this partying.

If you have great memories of a party (especially if it was in Mojácar) and would like a lucky souvenir (perhaps to send to a special friend) - our Indalo pendants are perfect . . an ideal party gift and a great memento of Mojácar and a trip to southern Spain.

The Indalo is a lucky symbol of the whole region of Almería in Andalucía - said to offer protection and good fortune. You see it everywhere, and particularly in Mojacar.

Our Indalo necklaces, pendants and bracelets have been fashioned and hand-crafted in Andalucia. It makes a great little gift both as a celebration of nightlife like that of Mojacar (and the surrounding areas of Vera Playa and Garrucha), and a souvenir or memoir of Almería and places all along the coast.

If you can remember that special party or fiesta, or a stag party or hen night - especially if you enjoyed it on the warm beaches of the Mediterranean sea - partying until the early hours, but would like a more permanent reminder, order one of our Indalo charms. It is a souvenir of a great time. 

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"A wonderful place I will never forget"

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