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Spanish ceramics

Spanish ceramics, pottery things and gifts from Spain, Almería, Andalucía

We sell Spanish ceramics and pottery. 


SEE some Spanish ceramic  pottery in our central store

With a base in Andalucía, southern Spain, we have access to some of the best hand crafted ceramics and hand-painted Spanish pottery.

Ceramic wall plaque Spanish pottery planters Spanish ceramic tiles 

Spanish ceramics / pottery is renowned for its bright, vibrant colours and patterns - reflecting for many the style and way of life of Mediterranean Spain. Many of the designs and patterns have existed on these quintisentially Spanish things for centuries and are part of the Spanish culture and tradition. For example, Hispano-Moresque ceramic ware is a style of pottery created in Al Andalus or Muslim Spain, which has continued to be produced in the now predominantly Christian Spain. At first centred on Malaga in the south, and using typical Islamic decoration, by the 15th century the largest production was around Valencia on the east coast. Wares from Manises, Paterna  and other Valencian towns were mainly for the local market, but are now exported all over the world.

Little garden Almeria Andalucia Spain Pottery is common in Spain Spanish ceramic symbol 

The region of Andalucía further south is still a big centre - especially around Granada and Malaga, where there are family run pottery factories that have existed for generations. Even today, much of the Spanish pottery and ceramics is hand-crafted by artisans so that each piece is unique - plates, vases, dishes, wine pitchers, and so on.

Our shop has select examples of these Spanish ceramics - in our case, many featuring the Indalo symbol of Almería, Andalucia in southern Spain. The style of Spanish life - particularly of the Mediterranean coast, shines through these products and makes you think of the searing sun, the warm blue sea, hot days and evenings with friends, a glass of Rioja, a plate of olives, ham and almonds with some tapas, chorizo, and sardines grilled in the open air 'a la plancha'.

Spanish pottery bowls  Indalo ceramica  Spanish ceramic bowls  Indalo ceramic wall hanging 

Yes, we are in Spain - and the flavour of the country is reflected in the products which we ship all over the world - inspiring feelings of the relaxed lifestyle and sometimes . . of dreams to be dreamt


SEE some Spanish ceramic  pottery in our central store


and especiall some INDALO POTTERY / CERAMICS  

Gift wrap and personalisation

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Every present we ship is gift-wrapped and includes an information card about the item. A gift can be personalised too: Simply add your message in the (optional) card message box on the product order page in our central store online. We will then add this message to one of our presentation cards and enclose it with your order

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We stand behind our products 100%. If at any time you are not happy with anything, we'll refund your money - no questions asked. Just re-package the item as received and send it back. If you feel like contacting us beforehand to let us know the problem so we can try and resolve it, we would very much like to hear from you. Our faith is your guarantee.

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