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SEE some typical Spanish jewellery and other products from Spain in our central store: eg:




SEE:  INDALO JEWELLERY  from Almería, Andalucía

SEE:  CAMINO de Santiago  jewellery from Galicia and Asturias in the north of Spain

SEE:  typically Spanish Earrings , for example




Spain plays a major role in the European jewellery sector. It is the fourth largest manufacturer behind Italy, Britain and Switzerland, with an estimated turnover of €1.5 billion.

There are some 4,000 jewellery factories in Spain, most of which are small workshops with less than five employees. Fewer than 10% of companies operating in the market have a workforce of more than ten.   

Cordoba Spanish jewellers Andalucia colour reflected in jewelery Indalo Spanish jewellery 

The major production centres are:
- Córdoba in Andalucía (small products, period jewellery in the Isabelline style, and gold and silverware)
- Valencia (mid to high market jewellers segment)
- Madrid - which produces primarily top-end jewellery and gold watches
- Barcelona - which makes top-end and modernist jewelry largely influenced by the city’s avant-garde tradition
- Galicia - which specialises in top-end jewellery and gems (and, of course, jewellers specialising in Camino de Santiago jewellery)   

Indalo beads zirc   18ct_gold_Indalo_pendant   St_James_cross_with_conch_8350    

Spanish jewelry products from Spain are predominantly exported to France, Switzerland, the USA, Portugal and Italy - although the UK market is becoming stronger.

We in particular stock a range of inspirational necklaces / pendants from Andalucía in the south (with Indalo jewelry featuring strongly), and from Galicia in the north - especially Camino jewelry and in particular that featuring the Scallop shell (vieira concha se Santiago) and the St James cross (Cruz de Santiago). We also have some jewelry from Murcia (in particular, that featuring the Caravac cross). Almot all of this is 925 sterling silver because the Sanish have little interest in anything else - apart from gold and even that must be of a high purity (750 kilates - 18 carat plus).

The work of an elite cast of Spanish jewellers has elevated the Spanish jewellery craft to an international level and ensured that Spain's jewelry is some of the most sought after in the world at this time. In particular, Jewellers such as Tous, Carrera y Carrera, and the Festina and Munreco groups, have been role models for these products from Spain - as well as XXL Hardware, Uno de 50 and Sin Receta. Similarly, designers like Joaquín Berao, Vicente Gracia, Chus Burés, Helena Rohner and Enric Majoral have been instrumental in a qualitative improvement in the overall image of Spanish jewelry.

In many cases the work is surreal, graphic, energetic, colourful, and proudly independent . . as well as being very fresh. It reflects an explosion and love of life that typifies the Spanish culture.  Our inspirational necklaces / pendants are typical of this, as are our products from Spain in general. 

Horseshoe_charm   Creer_collar   Concha collar    

Spanish jewellers have traditionally tended to look towards the Mediterranean and Andalucía for inspiration - rather than inland towards the interior of the Iberian Peninsula. They have a preference for colour that can be found in other traditional crafts of the area such as Spain's Arab-influenced ceramics and other products from this part of Spain .

The jewelry seen in the jewellers shops of Andalucía, more often than not features the local symbol of 'good luck', the Indalo. We stock a large rage of this fascinating and quintessentially Spanish jewellery,

And, we stock a lot of Spanish jewelry from along the northern shores of Galicia and Asturias including the famous azabache jet and el concha de veira de Santiago (the scallop shell of St James).

Camino ring   Ladybird earrings   Scallops  



SEE typical SPANISH JEWELLERY in our central store:



CAMINO de Santiago jewellery,

as well as typically Spanish Earrings 

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