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Good luck presents for the new house or housewarming party

Presents for a Housewarming party or relocation / house move / new home: ie: House warming gifts for good luck and gifts that help avoid bad luck  

Research has shown that moving house is one of life's most stressful events . . along with divorce and bereavement. Not only is there the initial stress of viewing houses and having to show strangers around your own home, but there is also the inevitable tension building-up to the actual day of the house move itself. See SHOP for MOVING HOUSE GIFTS at the bottom of this page

What better then, than a housewarming gift gift of good luck to a friend or loved-one who is moving to a new home or for the housewarming party? You can wish them Good Luck with their Relocation / House Move and/or Good Luck in their New Home.The very fact that they realise someone is thinking about them, helps to lower their anxiety levels and hopefully turn the whole ' moving home ' experience into the start of a blissful new life . . not a nightmare!     

Do you know someone who would like some special housewarming gift with good luck wishes or encouragement when moving to their new house, or for the housewarming party? 

Mediterranean soap Butterfly wall Paella pinny St James cross letter opener  

Our house-warming presents are perfect to say Good Luck in your New Home.

Send your good luck wishes to friends and family for their House Move with one of our unique gifts for the occasion, and help them have a successful relocation.  

Indalo picture frame  Deep blue sea leather Indalo bracelet Silver scallop box 

Also: Is this a " New Start " for a friend?

On a more personal level, our IndaloMart website/shop has information about Butterfly charm necklaces / jewellery which are often used as gifts of symbolism for people embarking on a new life after a period of change. Butterflies can be symbolic of faith in times such as these - allowing the wind to carry us forward to our new goals and dreams. Symbolically, we are asked to accept the changes in our lives . . just as the Butterfly does when it transforms itself from a lowly catepillar. Butterfly charm jewellery therefore makes the perfect gift for a friend's new start in life . . their new beginning. This can sometimes be true for people setting up a new home.

Another symbol of 'reincarnation' - as we move on into a ' new life ' is the Tau Cross of St Francis of Assisi: This is often gifted to someone during a period of contemplation - as a means of encouraging friends to have patience, as they make their new start in life, their new beginning. The Cross of Tau is sometimes called the St. Anthony's Cross or the Saint Francis Cross of Assisi, and makes a good gift for any friend or loved-one who is at such a point of change in their lives - encouraging them to accept the things of the past - but also encouraging them to be ready to move on to a new life - to start a new adventure.

- Butterfly jewellery - its symbolism and meaning 

- Aventurine - for good luck and goal achievement  for luck during a New Start in life    

- Tau Cross jewellery - it's meaning and suitability for gifts for new beginnings / a new start  

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Presentation and personalisation

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Except for discounted bulk orders, every product is gift-packed along with an information / greeting card (examples here). Any gift can be personalized by writing a brief message on the enclosed card. If you want US to do it and ship direct to a friend, we can write the message on your behalf, and enclose it with the presentation box. Simply add your message in the (optional) Brief card message box on the product order page in the shop.  

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Typical gift information cards

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