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Heart, Lock and Key jewellery - the gift of love

Love charm jewellery and lock and key jewellery necklaces - gifts from the heart   

Love entered the room like a miracle . . and so it was - because love can be as fierce as death.

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Love is pleasure, interpersonal attraction, passionate desire and emotional closeness. It is friendship; and it can be religious: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" Bible: St. John


Yes, love is a gift from the heart but it is incredibly difficult to define and it has many facets. What does love mean?

- The intense emotional attachment of a deep and tender affection towards another person

- The feeling of doing something for someone else solely out of compassion - with no thought for a reward

- The virtue that represents all of human kindness, compassion, and affection - the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another 

Yes, love has many meanings and we stock a range of jewellery and other gifts to cover some of these definitions; Heart jewellery, lock and key jewellery, love charm bracelets, love key charms, and so on.

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But the almost universal representation of love is the symbol of the HEART. For some inexplicable reason, love comes from a place deep within us which at times appears disconnected from our brain or from logical thought. It is believed to stem from that place in our chest where our heart is pumping . . and it is an enigma. And so love heart charms and heart jewellery is very popular.

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Yes, the symbol of the heart is understood by all - especially romantic lovers - and it is gifted a million times every day the world over. It makes a good gift to say I LOVE YOU

heart_charm_necklaceNowadays passionate love can be represented by lock and key jewellery, or the lock necklace - whereby lock and key charms are used to symbolise an almost secret love connection: One half of the lock-and-key set is kept by each partner to maintain a feeling of connection even when physically apart. 

Give a friend or loved-one a piece of lock and key jewellery, and you are gifting them a piece of your fidelity. In return, you wish to (and expect to . . hopefully) hold and maintain the key to their heart. Indeed, a key chain signifies that you really are holding the key to someone's heart.

Mother_heart_charm_braceletClick the link to see some of the heart, lock and key jewellery (and other presents) in our SHOP. These types of presents can also be ideal for lots of events like father's day or mother's day for example, valentines, or a friend or lover going away to university . . for him or for her - man / guy or woman / lady - whether that friend, relative or loved-one is your husband or wife, your girlfiend or boyfriend or fiance - or simply a good friend.

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Except for discounted bulk orders, every product is gift-packed along with an information / greeting card (examples here). Any gift can be personalized by writing a brief message on the enclosed card. If you want US to do it and ship direct to a friend, we can write the message on your behalf, and enclose it with the presentation box. Simply add your message in the (optional) Brief card message box on the product order page in the shop.  

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