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Gifts from Spain - our Spanish products

Spain makes you feel good and here we demonstrate typical Spanish products from Spain - gifts for inspiration, and for dreams to be dreamt 

We established our business in Spain over 10 years ago and we now have a base in the UK. The majority of our gifts / products are Spanish.



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Spain is a cultural treasure in every sense . . not least, for its huge and diverse range of uniquely Spanish products.

Los picos north Spain Spains Camino jewelry Spain Alcazar de Reyes Catolicos 

The heritage / history of this enigmatic south European country has created a truly diverse collection of products known the world over: Spanish wines like Sherry and Rioja; olive oils (Spain exports 300,000 tons of olive oil annually - almost 75% from Andalucía); hams (something of a religion in Spain); oranges, tomatoes, turrón . . are all major exports and an integral part of life in Spain. Many constitute the famous Mediterranean diet. Indeed, the tradition of the typical Spanish cuisine, is only matched by the diversity of its culture: Flamenco with its passionate music and dance;  Bullfighting - with its advocates and its detractors; Literature, Architecture, and Art. From Picasso and Dali, to Gaudi and Cervantes, Spain is as rich in its art as it is in its culture. Spain has the second highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. 

chupito_ceramica_6857 Spanish_dishes_6846 Decorative_wall_plate_6809    

But Spain is also famous for other Spanish things: its leather goods, its beautiful silk shawls/capes, its damascening, its embroidery, wickerwork and . . of course, its ceramics / pottery. From north to south, Spain's ceramics have been strongly influenced by its history - in particular, by it's neighbours and its conquerers. The Romans, the Visigoths and, most notably the Arabs have all stamped their impression onto Spain and Spanish things. Muslim rule existed for almost 800 years, from 711 to 1250. Then, as the Christians re-conquered the peninsular, the Catholics similarly cast their spell over Spain's developing culture - as did Spain's conquest of South and Central (Latin) America.

Natural soap in dish Camino mug Indalo statuette ceramic   

In Spanish ceramics, we typically see the presence of the Arab styles of North Africa and the Near East: Jugs, flower pots, window boxes, hand-painted tiles, richly decorated plates, and fine porcelain figurines. Top regions for ceramics include Toledo, Talavera de la Reina, Sevilla, Malaga, Granada and Úbeda. Plus, Valencia is home to Lladró, the internationally-famous fine porcelain company, and Ceraplat.  

Indalo_chain_earrings St_James_cross_STS_chain_8354 Gold_Indalo_heart    

We are in Andalucía, in the south . . the Spain of popular imagination and the hub of the quintessential Spanish images of hot dusty days, tapas and flamenco. Historically, it was the final stronghold of the Muslim Empire in Europe and the last item on the Christian re-conquest checklist. The cultural diversity (Christian, Moor and Jew) of its past, has left footprints on the Andalucían culture very visible today, having played a decisive role in everything from food to music, dance to art, and artisan crafts / products. Not least in this sense is the totally unique Spanish jewellery - and particularly that featuring the local symbol of the Indalo.

Concha de la vieira St James and shell Orthocera  

Over the years, many 'extranjeros' (foreigners) have fallen in love with the Spain of Andalucía - sun-drenched, raw, vibrant, and colourful. Andalucía is the Spain of lively festivals and of dreams to be dreamt. The landscape of Andalucía features everything from the soaring Sierra Nevada mountain range to sprawling olive groves and sandy beaches winding along the lapping Mediterranean waters. Here, you will find Moorish arches alongside Catholic towers, white villages scattered across verdant hills, dry and dusty valleys, and an intoxicating charm that even the high-rise hotels of modern tourism cannot take away.   

Indalo Camino bracelet Flores El sol   

The traditional products and gifts of Andalucía and Spain are legend .. and we stock many of them.



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With these gifts you can pass on your blessings for any occurrence - with that special Spanish feel. They are products with soul, and many of them are gifts with real meaning - suitable for any person for any occasion : To someone travelling (moving abroad, for example), a relative about to enter a competition, a driving test or other exam, or even as a get well gift for an ill friend (a cancer patient for example), an elderly relative in retirement or even a friend bereaved. You can say Sorry, or Thank you, or just Best wishes for an anniversary or birthday, as a christening or communion gift - or for Christmas or Easter.

Gift wrap and personalisation

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Every present we ship is gift-wrapped and includes an information card about the item. A gift can be personalised too: Simply add your message in the (optional) card message box on the product order page in our central store online. We will then add this message to one of our presentation cards and enclose it with your order

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We stand behind our products 100%. If at any time you are not happy with anything, we'll refund your money - no questions asked. Just re-package the item as received and send it back. If you feel like contacting us beforehand to let us know the problem so we can try and resolve it, we would very much like to hear from you. Our faith is your guarantee.

Typical gift information cards

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