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Gifts for Easter - Easter presents with inspiration and significance

Religious Easter gifts and presents for rebirth, inspiration and meaning   

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In the Christian world, Easter relates to the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ.

And in Spain, where we are based (although our gifts network is worldwide), Easter is commemorated in a big way. The most prominent feature is Semana Santa (Holy Week) - the week starting with Palm Sunday (or Domingo de Ramos) leading up to Easter Sunday when Jesus was said to have 'risen again' after his death. The date varies between March and April each year. However, Easter gifts tend to revolve around the children with the Easter bunny and, of course sweets and chocolates.

But for practicing Christians, Easter is intended as a contemplation of God's love that allowed the sacrifice of His son and the hope of seeing Christ returned to life. And so Easter gifts are more appropriately a little religious memento - a small bracelet perhaps, or necklace featuring a Christian symbol like the Cross.

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However, in general, all people suffer problems in their lives; and although in the Christian faith, Easter is meant to remind people that, despite all the setbacks they suffer, they can still identify with the suffering of Jesus and so offer forgiveness, patience, understanding and generosity towards their fellow men. This concept can apply to everyone - whatever their faith / religion. The death of Christ invites us to die (although not physically) and re-invigorate ourselves into a life full of (God's) grace - away from selfishness, pride, and greed - and with virtue, purity, innocence and hope.

So we can apply this concept of rebirth to people in all walks of life - whether of a Christian persuasion or not. So, we not only stock crosses and other Christian gifts, but also items like the scallop shell from El Camino - the Way of St James, which represents to many (even thoses who are not Christians) life's journey. Easter can be a time to refresh one's vision of your journey through life and even consider turning over a new leaf. So, a little Easter gift can be very significant and very much appreciated.

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Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday - commemorating the entrance of the Jesus into Jerusalem. Maundy (Holy) Thursday remembers the last supper of Jesus with his twelve Apostles. Good (or Holy) Friday remembers the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary. Easter Sunday celebrates the Resurrection and so the rebirth.

In our online shop, we have a range of inspirational Christian gifts and other 'resurrection' gifts that would make ideal presents for Easter or tokens of faith and understanding . . Easter presents with meaning / significance.   

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