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Camino jewellery . . for the journey

Our collection of Camino jewellery . .

. . as well as our life path, astrological, celestial and zodiac symbols connecting inner wisdom with the soul


We originated in Spain - and Spain is famous for El Camino, said to be the greatest journey in the world . . when people walk the Way of St James into Santiago de Compostela . . across the ' field of the stars ' and into the great "Casa de Santiago" - the Cathedral.



We stock a great deal of TRADITIONAL CAMINO JEWELLERY . .


. . especially suitable as gifts for Camino pilgrims - as well as friends / buddies who may not be actually thinking of walking ot travelling along this famous Way of St James, but who simply would appreciate a Camino gift.


Every piece of Camino jewellery we ship is gift-wrapped and includes an information card about El Camino de Santiago, the Way of Saint James, and the significance of the Scallop shell and Cruz de Santiago (Cross of St James).


Cross St James necklace   Amigos del Camino jewelry  Concha de Vieira   

. . you can see our TRADITIONAL Camino jewelry in our central shop:


. . where we stock many of these  traditional Camino jewellery pieces especially in silver and gold. (See Joyas del Camino de Santiago here)

 Saint James charm bracelet   Gift for Camino pilgrim   Concha shell bracelet  




BUT we also stock a range of Life Path Zodiac Star Sign jewellery which is more secular, and especially crafted for people who would perhaps like a representation of their journey through life using their own personal astrological, celestial and zodiac symbols and other symbols of the so-called intuitive arts that inter-connect inner wisdom and soul. Some believe these symbols act as a blueprint for their life and represent their personality, their challenges and opportunities along the journey of their life:

 Camino jewellery earrings  Camino jewellery-for the journey  Reach for the stars Camino necklace  




This really is jewellery with a personal meaning. Any one of our Life Path pieces would make a great gift for a friend or loved-one setting out to travel on a journey, or embarking on something new and adventurous.

Using the options box on these individual pieces of jewellery in our shop, you can personalise your jewellery to coincide with the person for whom it is intended - whether it be for yourself, or as a gift for a friend or loved-one.

 Camino necklace Aries F  Camino necklace  Taurus K  Camino necklace Cancer S  

You can add individual zodiac signs and/or constellation / celestial symbols to the camino jewellery piece, as well as adding a personal birthstone gemstone, and an initial letter charm as well if you want.

In this way you are able to order a personalised jewellery piece representing your own special journey - or that of a friend or loved-one.

 Aquarius Yin Yang amethyst N  Camino hasta Santiago  Capricorn scallop Turquoise M  

This is truly symbolic charm jewellery - with a personal meaning that is related to birthday /  birth date, birthstone and sun / star sign, and comprises necklaces, pendants, and bracelets / bangles.

Many of our camino jewellery pieces include a small camino scallop shell charm from the Way of St James . . El Camino de Santiago in northern Spain - the greatest walk in the world: Some people who have walked the Camino say that it improves one's daily outlook on life, and brings one into closer contact with nature and other people.

The actual Camino (El Camino de Santiago) across parts of Spain is often regarded as a journey of the body, mind and spirit and walkers do the Camino for personal reasons - whether that be spiritual and/or religious - or simply to take time out from a busy, hectic life.



See some of our more TRADITIONAL Camino jewellery in our central store


  Scallop and pearl  Camino beacelet  Cross gold scallop  

Camino jewellery - for the journey


Gift wrap and personalisation

 Indalo Gift wrap card Santiago_Cross_Shell 

Gift pack - orange flowers       Indalo Camino shop      Gift packaging   

Every present we ship is gift-wrapped and includes an information card about the item. A gift can be personalised too: Simply add your message in the (optional) card message box on the product order page in our central store online. We will then add this message to one of our presentation cards and enclose it with your order

Message box

and don't forget . . our


We stand behind our products 100%. If at any time you are not happy with anything, we'll refund your money - no questions asked. Just re-package the item as received and send it back. If you feel like contacting us beforehand to let us know the problem so we can try and resolve it, we would very much like to hear from you. Our faith is your guarantee.

Typical gift information cards

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