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Presents / Gifts for inspiration or luck in a special occasion / event - travelling, new job or home - jewellery, charms, ceramics

Inspirational gifts, jewellery and charms for luck travelling, moving house, new job, and so on - and products from Spain like Spanish ceramics. Helping people to get what they want

Welcome to Andalucía and our English-run INSPIRATIONAL GIFT SHOP, deep in the heart of southern Spain. Although we maintain connections in the UK, we are inspired by Spain and in particular by Andalucía. We have presents for any special event or occasion needing inspiration and some extra good luck wishes. For example: Exams, Travelling, Driving Test, New School, Opening Night, Moving House, A Match / Game, New Job, Interview, Losing Weight, Competition, Retirement, Starting University, Quitting Smoking, Public Speaking, First Day at School, Engagement, an Operation or Hospital visit, Goal Achievement, Wedding Day, and so on . . including personalised gifts, gifts for corporate events, gifts from Spain, and inspirational gifts. Help your friends avoid bad luck and give them your blessings to have success, prosperity and good fortune with our inspirational gifts and charms. All presents are gift-wrapped, you can write a personal message, and we can ship to 3rd-parties (ie: direct to friends and loved-ones as a special gift). We offer 100% money-back guarantee - and we ship FREE on orders over €50 Euros . 


"Inspire your friends to achieve their dreams . . "  

If you are the kind of person that would like to show your support, appreciation, encouragement or affection for your friends or loved-ones, and pass on luck, love, good fortune, health and protection . . we have just the thing for you: GIFTS THAT WORK  - gifts that really can make people's dreams come true


Our English-run Good Luck Gifts shop includes the products of Andalucia businesses Indalo Art and Indalo Mart and therefore many of the gifts are based on the lucky Indalo symbol of Spain . . an integral part of the culture of Almería / Andalucía on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. But we also have special day gifts for inspiration, encouragement, strength and motivation from all over the world - symbols, amulets and charms that people have put their faith in for years, such as the Tau cross of St Francis of Assisi in Italy, or St Christophers for travellers, the Yin-Yang symbol from ancient China, and the Shamballa from Tibet. But it is our Spanish gifts and the Spanish culture that features strongest. For example, the Cruz de Santiago - the cross of St James (patron saint of Spain) and the associated concha scallop shell symbol of the Camino de Santiago - the Way of St James, from Galicia in the north of Spain; Or, cruces de Caravaca from Murcia on the Spanish east coast; And many other items that reflect historic Spanish culture (in some cases, dating back over 1000 years). We stock traditional Spanish pottery / ceramics and exquisite gem/stone jewellery like silver and azabache jet handcrafted in the workshops of Asturias, as well as lucky charms like necklaces of pearl which are said to symbolise the best within us: honesty, purity, wisdom and integrity. The gifts in our shop, particularly the jewellery pieces, have centuries of history behind them, and are items with real meaning, significance and effectiveness . . they make gifts with meaning and jewellery that works . . gifts that work to achieve your dreams. (Se puede ver nuestro sitio web en español aquí Indalo Talisman )  

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For what special occasion do you want to send someone a good luck gift - or a present to inspire them, to encourage them, to pass on luck, love, good fortune and health, to support them and appreciate them - and to show them that you care?  


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FROM good luck gifts for all the Wedding Day guests on the big day . . . TO a small present or charm given to your friend to wish them well as they travel away to University or on a Gap Year, we have the complete range. . . including inspirational gifts that pass on your good luck wishes. Wish Good Luck in Exams, say Best Wishes on Engagement, give blessings for a Wedding Day, say Good Luck at the Hospital and Get Well Soon, wish Good Luck at School, send Best Wishes for 1st Communion, wish Good Luck with an Operation, Good Luck in a New Home, wish happiness and success at Uni, say Good Luck on a Trip, health and happiness in Retirement, or simply say Have a Lucky Day. And we have lots of gifts from Spain - especially ceramic pottery and jewellery charms featuring the lucky Indalo seen in the Spanish culture of Almería, Andalucía on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, and the St James Cross and Concha scallop shell for the Camino de Santiago in Galicia, and the Vera Cruz - El Cruz de Caravaca in Murcia.


Our jewellery in particular is both inspirational and motivational - sending  messages of encouragement and belief to friends and helping them to achieve their dreams / goals and get what they want. For example: Coral is meant to teach us to value life and our place in it: Rose Quartz is thought to help people develop strong friendships and is said to bring gentleness, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and tolerance; and Agate is said to enhance courage, perception and concentration, and stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. We stock pendants, charms and necklaces in solid silver, gold and other materials featuring such inspirational symbols as Wise Owls, Yin-Yang, Virgencitas, Tau Crosses, Charm Words, Love Hearts, St. Christophers, La Vieira Concha shells of Santiago, Friendship Tokens (+ Guardian Angels, Reach for the Stars Dreams, Baby Blessings, Faith, New Beginnings, Love, Travel, Carpe Diem, Thinking of You, ThankYou, etc), Heart, Lock & Key charms, Lucky Horseshoes, Shamballa bracelets, Butterflies and Crosses of Grace.


Beautiful gifts for inspiration, encouragement, caring, affection, support and appreciation . . presents with real meaning . . to help friends and loved-ones get what they want   


We provide inspirational gifts for Goal Achievement too, so you can give a small Good Luck Present to a friend or loved one who is trying to Quit Smoking or Lose Weight, for example, or simply someone who has a Big Day ahead of them like a major Presentation, an Important Meeting, a big Match, or some Public Speaking engagement. Wish luck on someone Moving Home, wish Good Luck at a Game, Good Luck Travelling, Good Luck at an Event, Good Luck in a New Home . . or simply Best Wishes. Gifts of Faith too.


With our specially designed gifts, you are able to pass on sentiments and encouragement for anything you want and particularly for some of life's more stressful moments . . Good Luck for the Driving Test, Good Luck at your New School, Good Luck in a New Job, say Good Luck on a Special Day, wish Good Luck in a Competition, or Good Luck in an Interview. We have presents suitable to pass on your blessings for a Christening, First Communion or Confirmation . . or simply to pass on your best wishes for a friend's Gap Year. WHATEVER YOU WANT. Help your friends avoid bad luck; Give your friends Encouragement and Motivation; Make them feel Happy that you are Thinking of Them; and Give them the Incentive to be Successful. Our inspirational gifts for luck, success, encouragement, motivation, courage, determination and belief, really are gifts of faith and a true blessing. 


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More inspirational gift tokens and symbols including Lourdes jewellery:

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Spanish Indalos: 18ct Gold & 925 Sterling Silver pendants - help people avoid bad luck with these special gifts from Spain. 

Silver_Indalo_pendant     Lucky_charm_gold_Indalo     Silver_dog_tag_Indalos    

Beautiful Flamenco fans - hand-painted in Andalucía


Natural soaps - handmade in Andalucía for Good Luck Gifts 

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. . providing that extra little bit of inspiration for a friend's special occasion or challenge